Podcast Crew evolves ahead of our fourth season

Following a great season at Counties Podcast that saw record listening levels, record downloads and massive exposure around the country and beyond, we are now putting our own squad in place ahead of what will be our FOURTH season following the North West Counties Football League, now the Hallmark Security League.

We were delighted to view the download figures over the course of what was a fiddly season for us with crew availability and one or two things taken out of context.  We covered a massive season around the league, speaking to representatives from over 15 clubs and commenting on what was a defining year with six new clubs in the first division alone.  We also followed the Buildbase FA Vase from the first qualifying round right through to the final at Wembley seeing a spike in social media activity on the day as we followed a select side and their conquerors from the start.

As we progress we are not afraid to evolve as we explore technology advances such as digital streaming, live broadcasts and video and these are things that we will be looking at over the course of the summer.  We will remain a wholly independent podcast, we comment on the league but are not part of the League Media structure, some perhaps lost sight of that last year.  We are also looking for a sponsor too, we are not dependant on having one as we fund the podcast from our own pockets, however with a well listened to podcast we can offer businesses or organisations a great advertising platform.  Contact @misterfallon on twitter for full details, its way cheaper than you think!

We are evolving the team as well, Co-Founder Rob McKay is stepping down as he concentrates on club work, he is also developing a good reputation in the Women’s game as a League Secretary in the GM Women’s Football League.

Other Co-Founder Zach Pierce and Atherton Collieries Media Man Joseph Gibbons appearances will be rare now, Gibbo’ is entering the world of teaching and will largely be marking but we hope to get him on for occasional hello’s.  Zach’s Worldwide fan-base, especially that in the Ukraine also has cause for optimism too as he will also be making a few appearances across the season but like with Gibbo’ it will be difficult to make regular studio time.

So, Who’s in?

Martin Fallon @misterfallon  Founder, Martin is still in and the rock of which the podcast is tied to, he is raring to go again.  Martin is at Runcorn Town as Committee member and Media man, he is also standing for election to the League Committee this summer to cement his role as League results co-ordinator and IT guy.  Often perceived by listeners as the sensible one!

Gary Langley @garylangley Mr Langley has been with us since episode 20 and has often provided some of the more serious and technical insights.  League Development Officer & Remyca Board member he has committed to CP for the 2017-18 season and is looking forward to casting his eye over the divisions and working on some of the live streaming and video initiatives we are looking at.

Martin Stewart – Martin joined the podcast recently in episode 110 but is no stranger to the NWCFL having been involved at Runcorn Town for many years and last season starting as the COLFC Programme Editor before he left the role to settle as a supporter just before Christmas.  Martin reads the game well and has visited most of the clubs in the league and most of Europe it seems!  A steady head and experience makes a great addition to the panel.

Lucy Weir @lucyweir22 The Leagues favorite Physiotherapist joined the podcast team the same time as Martin S and was an instant hit with her insider knowledge of teams and performance ratio’s.  Lucy has a busy season ahead but will be with us (Recording schedule and game dates permitting) to give her unique and informed perspective.

So that’s us done, we have got our transfers, loans and ringers sorted out ahead of the summer so we can sit back and prepare for what is likely to be another defining season.  With potential structure changes on the horizon as a new Step 4 League shapes up in the midlands and proposed club 23 in the Premier Division next term is likely to have lots for us to discuss and reflect on as we move our emphasis slightly towards previewing coming games rather than reviewing.  Yeah, we know that is difficult to sort out but we have some good ideas going forward and look forward to get going.

If you want to join our panel either on a regular or casual basis, contact us via twitter @countiespodcast and we will tell you how it works and have a chat before we slot you in for recording (which can be done via skype!).

We will keep writing articles on here over the next few weeks and of course we can be contacted via social media.  Our next recording is looking like the third week in August so don’t worry if you don’t see an audio podcast up for a few weeks, its all part of the plan!