CP159 – Episode 2 of 2019/20

Episode two of the 2019/20 season is here with Martin Fallon in the hotseat today with Gary Langley alongside him as usual.

We outline some changes that are going to be happening to the podcast for the 2019/20. We won’t be as frequent but we will maintain the quality that we bring you. We then look at each division and look at who is standing out, who is underperforming, and who is where we expect them to be.

We also have an interview as we bring you Mark Hayes, the Chairman of Ashton Town. He’s a man who is always welcome on the podcast, and with Ashton starting really well, we see what has changed and what their aims are. Can Ashton get one of the four promotion spots? We also talk music festivals and Christmas Dinners at Mark’s pub!

Counties Podcast
Counties Podcast
CP159 - Episode 2 of 2019/20