About Us

About Us

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to visit countiespodcast.com.  Each week Martin Fallon, Gary Langley and Rob McKay (and any combo of!) sit down and discuss the weeks action from the North West Counties Football League. All are involved in local clubs in the NWCFL and we record this podcast both on Video and Audio to promote the league each of its member clubs.

This is aimed to be an informative weekly podcast looking at the stories behind the games that take place in the league each week. We look out for the hard and undeniable facts so that you don’t have to. We will delve into the games and pick out trends and statistics that we feel you may find interesting to listen to.

We will also speak to the people that matter around the NWCFL and bring you informative interviews on a range of subjects. Through experience we know what it is like to run a football club, the difficulties and frustrations involved in it, but we know the success that can come with it as well.

As a supporter you may not fully appreciate what clubs go through in order to give you the 90 minutes football each week, and it is our aim to delve into clubs and give you a better understanding of what really goes on behind the scenes at clubs.

How to Listen

We invite you to listen or watch the Podcast, we are experienced enough to give what we feel are balanced opinions on what is going on, but we know it’s a game of opinions.  Over the years we have had some quite strong opinions and thoughts and this has certainly sparked debate.  We don’t hide away from certain things either but are always accountable as we are the Leagues Official Podcast.  We am to release a new Podcast each and every Friday and would love you to listen each week and if you are involved at a club, drop us a line and take part?  Why not have a chat with us?.

There are various ways you can listen. The most obvious is to listen right here on countiespodcast.com.  However, Podcast’s are really designed for listening on the go, and like the best Podcast’s in the world, all of our shows are listed on iTunes but of course if you have more time and have access to Youtube you can find us on the Official NWCFL channel in full glorious technicolor.

iTunes is the number one place find your favourite Podcasts. It offers many great features such as the ability to download the Podcast to your mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player. You can even subscribe to us on there so that you never miss an episode.

If you do subscribe to us on iTunes, rate and review us as well! Or if you don’t want to do that, simply tell a friend about us! Before you go please make sure to give us a follow on Twitter @countiespodcast or ‘Like’ us at facebook.com/countiespodcast

See you at the games!