• CP156 – Premier Team of the Year

    Counties Podcast Episodes can be a bit like a bus, you wait ages for one and then three come at once.  Well, we are pretty much back on our weekly-ish […]

  • The Sin Bin Din

    Sin bin or naughty boy step, either way – it’s coming As the end of the 2018/19 season approaches, already clubs up and down the country are looking at preparation […]

  • CP80 – The one that’s massively out of date

    Hi there, and welcome to episode 80 of Counties Pidcast. This week…well last week Rob, Martin and Zach sat down in the studio last Monday to discuss the run in […]

  • CP78 – All To Play For!

    Episode 78 comes to you on time this week after last weeks forgetfulness! Rob McKay is host once more with Martin Fallon alongside him in the studio, with Zach en-route […]

  • CP77 – The One We Forgot!

    Episode 77 was the one we forgot! Recorded on the Thursday by host Rob McKay and Martin Fallon, it was uploaded on Friday and then forgotten to put live until […]

  • CP70 – Where Is Gary?

    Rob, Martin and Zach are back for another busy week of NWCFL Podcast action covering the weekends Premier Division, First Division and MEN United Cup games. A fun show as […]

  • NWCFL Points Projections

    We’ve had some time in the Podcast office this morning so we’ve taken a break from ordering the intern around and put together some projections for the promotion run in’s […]

  • CP67 – Charnock Richard

    Counties Podcast returns with a full compliment of the team. Gary is host and he is joined by Rob, Zach and a Martin fresh off the plane from the United […]

  • CP66 – Open Question Week

    Despite just two games surviving the weather Rob and Zach took to the studio this week armed with a handful of question stuffed in Zach’s satchel by Gary.  The two […]

  • CP65 – Chris Berezai from Groundhop UK

    Gary Langley returns as host this week as he is joined by Rob McKay and Zach Pierce to discuss the weekends weather hit NWCFL action.  Rob rounds up his visit […]

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