CP161 – Episode 4 of 2019/20

Flippin’ heck! It’s March and shamefully we are only on episode four of the 2019/20 season. With Coronavirus halting football for the forseeable future, Gary Langley and Martin Fallon decide to dust off their microphones, put on their masks and bring you a podcast.

We look at the league tables as they stand currently and ask who is going to go up, who has underperformed this season, and the big question, who is going to finish in the relegation places.

This of course is dependent on the league finishing. And we discuss that too, when is this madness going to end? How is the league going to function? We also talk about the most recent groundhop, how well it went and what is next for the groundhop,

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CP161 – Episode 4 of 2019/20