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  • CP160 – Episode 3 of 2019/20

    Episode three of the 2019/20 season is here with Gary Langley and Martin Fallon managing to reset their password to get into the website and bring you a rare podcast. […]

  • CP159 – Episode 2 of 2019/20

    Episode two of the 2019/20 season is here with Martin Fallon in the hotseat today with Gary Langley alongside him as usual. We outline some changes that are going to […]

  • CP158 – Episode 1 of 2019/20

    Episode one of the 2019/20 season is here with a new look cast. The man holding it all together is Gary Langley as usual, with Martin Fallon alongside him. Joining […]

  • CP157 – First Division Squads of the Year

    Counties Podcast brings you what is officially the last episode of the 2018/19 season! Martin and Gary are joined by a new member this week. Freshly appointed as one of […]

  • CP156 – Premier Team of the Year

    Counties Podcast Episodes can be a bit like a bus, you wait ages for one and then three come at once.  Well, we are pretty much back on our weekly-ish […]

  • CP155 – The 2019 FA Trophy Final

    Counties Podcast weekend at Wembley Stadium continues as we cover the 2019 FA Trophy Final. Martin Fallon and Gary Langley bring you all of the build up and the action […]

  • CP154 – The 2019 FA Vase Final

    Counties Podcast hits Wembley Stadium to cover the 2019 FA Vase Final. Martin Fallon and Gary Langley are the team this year to guide you through the afternoon’s action as […]

  • Non League Finals Day 2019

    Non-League finals day 2019 is approaching and on May 19 2019, the Counties Podcast Crew, like thousands of other Non-League Football fans will be heading down to Wembley to watch […]

  • The Sin Bin Din

    Sin bin or naughty boy step, either way – it’s coming As the end of the 2018/19 season approaches, already clubs up and down the country are looking at preparation […]

  • Spotlight on the title run-ins

    We are nigh on three quarter’s of the way through the season now and the runners and riders are becoming clear across the three NWCFL divisions. As we hit this […]

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