The Podcasters

So, who are we?  Are we just some hacks who discuss things that we have picked up in local newspapers in the week, well actually no!  All of the panellists are experienced non-league volunteers who are involved in the game week in – week out at club and league level.  The differing backgrounds and roles of all panellists and podcasters gives the Counties Podcast a unique and relevant perspective, which we hopes come through on our recordings.  Here is the lowdown on the regular crew……


One of the founders of Counties Podcast, Martin is an experienced football man and is involved in a number of projects in both League and Club capacity.  Often the level head of the podcast team and an almost ever-present, he always has a fairly solid opinion and an ability to see things from a step back.

A former Runcorn FC staff member, Secretary and go-to man, he was involved in the club almost to its end.  He is currently a Committee member at Runcorn Town FC and also serves as an Officer at the North West Counties League with the role of Results Co-Ordinator and IT Specialist.


Gary joined the team as a regular at around 20 episodes in and tends to keep a balanced approach, often leading to fence sitting gags from his fellow panellists.  Every now and again though he does come off it and can be quite vociferous on certain subjects, giving an honest appraisal on discussion points.

An experienced football man, Gary has been on the board of Stranraer FC in Scotland (Family connections) but since hanging up his kilt has been involved in local non-league football for over a decade between Steps 1-6.  League Development Officer at the NW Counties League, he still has a regular gig writing a number of articles freelance for various publications around the country.


Martin is a non league veteran having been on the scene for a number of years following Runcorn Town for ages before switching allegiances to City of Liverpool when the club set up on his doorstep.  He had a brief period on the board there, combining that role with the post of programme editor but took a step-back mid-season 16-17 to just follow as a fan.

Martin joined the podcast team from episode 111 in May 2017 and his deadpan Scouse wit combined with local insight has been a great addition to the CP team.


Podcast Associate and co-founder-


Another Co-Founder of the Counties Podcast, Rob manages a number of roles in local grassroots football and is an experienced footballing man across a number of Genres. He never holds back and always calls things as he sees them on the podcast, yet always brings in some fascinating points and stats from around the North West Counties League.

Currently  involved in Coaching now at West Didsbury & Chorlton WFC  he is an experienced and accredited sports Blogger, Rob is a regular reporter and feature writer at Read WSL as well as writing freelance for American Football Blogs.

L-R Gary Langley, Rob McKay & Martin Fallon